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How to get started?

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Who to involve in the process?

In an impact workshop, all parties of the school community come together. They evaluate the status quo, rethink and create new solutions together. If all interest groups are integrated in an open-ended process, the chances are good to find new approaches. Ideally, the moderation of this process is in the hands of an outsider, so that everyone involved can concentrate fully on the content with their hearts and minds.

We suggest to nominate the school community - everyone who has a stake in the school, e.g. principal, leadership team, student representatives, parents' council, school authorities

What could the process look like?

Step 1: Initial starter conversation with a member of the school leadership team (Sponsor)

Step 2: Sponsor nominates representatives of each school stakeholder group (e.g. leadership team, parent council, student representatives, school authorities) to create a project team of about 25 people

Step 3: each member of the project team will fill out a pre workshop questionnaire (about 5 people per sections)

Step 4: impact workshop with the large group (approx. 4 hours depending on the school size, approx. 5-9 p.m.). The school's contribution is to organize the framework of the workshop and ensure the participation of the school community.

What are the objectives of the impact workshop?

  • To bring everyone who influences school life to one table (at least 25 people)

  • To work out the current situation and the visions together

  • Find out whether there is enough motivation (possibly with external help) to "get down to business" (moderation, litigation, coaching or projects)

  • Determine the next steps, at least the first step that leads to action

Questions that are dealt with in such a kickoff workshop:

  • Vision: How is our school when it is a place where we learn together to lead a great life?

  • What steps and milestones are on the way?

  • What hurdles and obstacles might we face?

  • What inspires us?

  • Who could support us?

What happens after the workshop?

The process can be over after this workshop, it can continue as an internal school process with the impulses of the workshop or it can be set up as a project with external support.

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